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Everything about diamonds


How diamonds turn into brilliants

Diamond is the hardest natural mineral. Its chemical composition is crystal modification of carbon which under the influence of a high pressure turns into beautiful diamond. Diamonds not only the firmest, expensive and most rare jewels which find on Earth, but their energy is enormous and pure. Terrible stories and the shed blood, murders, greed, madness left a sign on the way of many famous diamonds of the world. Aged men said that only the purest soul, the spiritual and wise person can get diamond.
Diamond turns into brilliant after grinding and only then if it has not less than 57 facets. Gems of other forms are called as diamonds. Diamonds can be various forms, but the most popular and most widespread diamonds of such forms:

  • round;
  • princess;
  • oval;
  • emerald;
  • radiant;
  • marquise;
  • asscher.



criteria of an assessment of diamonds

There are four criteria of an assessment of diamonds which determine diamond value. This standard is used in the industry of the whole world. "4C" classification:

1. Cut
2. Clarity
3. Color
4. Carat


The most expensive gems are colourless or hardly noticeable blue colour, so-called white diamonds. Diamonds can be yellow, brown, greenish, orange, red, blue or poorly pink shade. The rarest – red, blue, pink colour diamonds.


The weight of diamonds is measured in carats (ct.). One carat is 0,2 grams. But weight in carats doesn't represent the real value of diamond. Prices of two diamonds, which have the same weight, may be different according to quality. Smaller diamond can be more beautiful than bigger diamond according to cut, colour and clarity.


Clarity of brilliant – another assessment criterion of brilliant. Unfortunately, almost all diamonds which are found in the Earth have inclusions, natural cracks and other defects. As usual these tiny inclusions invisible with the naked eye. Brilliant is estimated by special methods and given the quality mark of clarity. Stone call completely clarity if it has no inclusions, it isn't visible defects, external damage or scratches.


The diamond facet (cut, grinding) is one of the most important characteristics of the diamonds defining beauty. Global manufacturers of diamonds recommend choosing the highest degree of a facet, whenever possible. The reason is simple: any other of "4C" qualities has no powerful impact on the enchanting appearance of diamonds. According to grinding diamonds is reached the maximum natural fluorescence. If diamond cutting is incorrectly, then diamond loses part of the extending light and can lose blinking. Transparency of diamond looks so:

Ideal cut.
This cut make up about 3% of all sold diamonds. These diamonds ideally reflect all the falling light.
Very good cut.
These diamonds make up about 15 % of all sold diamonds. Very good cut diamonds reflect almost as much light as ideal cut, but they are cheaper than ideal cut diamonds.
Good cut.
This cut make up about 25% of all sold diamonds. Good cut diamonds reflect less light, than falling in it and are cheaper than very good cut diamonds.
Fair cut.
This cut make up about 35% of all sold diamonds. Fair cut diamonds are quality diamonds, but they reflect less light.
Poor cut.
The remaining part consists of a poor cut diamonds. These diamonds bad reflect light and not blinking. Producers with good reputation for preservation of the reputation avoid to trade in such diamonds. 

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