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Ideas how to make the proposal


Engagement – very important step in couple life.

It should be the cosy, intimate and unforgettable engagement party for Her and for Him. Excitement – a natural and clear state when in the head thoughts turn: "If she says YES? When suitable time?", etc.

That you could feel safe and be sure, we offer some interesting ideas how to make the proposal that the party became unforgettable and darling will be fascinated.



1. Engagement at the airport.
Darling can expect that you will make the proposal during travel, but offer a ring and the heart to a plane departure. Unforgettable holiday and good mood are guaranteed.


2. For this scenario it is necessary to be prepared. We offer idea how to make the proposal interesting and unforgettable. It is required to you a little bit patience, papers, handles and abilities to disappear. Begin! On single sheets of paper write down, WILL YOU MARRY ME, LAURA / DARLING? So you need 5 sheets of paper (but you can be original and write something else). Try to photograph each sheet of paper separately, do it behind the back of Darling or when she sleeps. (It is important that all of this be in a secret until engagement) Then present photos together with a ring. Who could resist such surprise?


3. Invite Darling to a lesson of dance and with a romantic song get down on one knee. It could be the first rehearsal of your wedding dance. .


4. In Lithuania are many beautiful places. Do picnic. Take care of snack, a beautiful view and forward, engagement will be pleasant and will be remembered on long.


5. The balloon can be an unforgettable place for engagement also. You rise, and the team runs out with the big poster, on which inscription – “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”


6. Very romantic and unexpected proposal expects your darling, when she having taken a morning paper sees an inscription – “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”


7. The engagement party can be at home, try to prepare something special and after dessert give her a ring.



8. And now something unexpected and unusual. If you want, but you can't wait for a ring from Darling, initiate engagement by yourself. Men like an initiative.


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